Eighth Grade Continuation Requirements

This year the 8th grade “Continuation” ceremony will be held on May 23rd at George Washington High School. In order to participate in “Continuation” all students must be “on-track.”

On track requirements for 8th grade continuation:

o     2.5 GPA or higher (Semester 2 only)

o     95% attendance (Yearlong)

o     0 behavioral issues

·     Getting Back on Track Options:

o     City Year Tutoring After School: Mondays and Wednesdays

§     Earn back 1 attendance percentage and 0.05 GPA point for every 1 hour of tutoring

o     Community Service: Through school or outside of school

§     1 hour of community service is equivalent to 1 behavioral issue

·     Deadline:

o     Students will have up until May 19th to get “On-Track” so that they can participate at Continuation.


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