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Breakfast in the Classroom – We have implemented a program at Hill, Breakfast in the Classroom. As studies show, eating breakfast at school helps children focus on academics and decreases behavior issues. The Breakfast in the Classroom initiative takes the traditional school breakfast approach and improves it with one key ingredient, in the classroom. Breakfast is served in period 1 classes.

Menus for DPS breakfast and lunch click here

There is a microwave available for student use.

Meal Prices
Breakfast Prices Lunch Prices
Grades 6 – 8 $0.00 $2.10
Adult Meals $2.00 $4.50
Reduced Meals (all grades) $0.00 $0.40

Applications for free & reduced lunch:



Reminder Notices:

When a student’s balance reaches $4.20 or below, the cashier is notified of the ‘Low Balance’ and will give a REMINDER notice to the student.

Want to make things easy and pay for lunches online- check out MyLunchMoney:

My LunchMoney

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