September 2, 2016


Skyhawk families:


Hill Campus of Arts & Sciences offers Honors classes in Math and Language Arts.  At the end of the year, performance data for all students will be reviewed.   Students that meet the criteria will be scheduled into Honors for the following year.  As we begin the 2016-2017 school year, we would like to communicate the performance-based criteria that will be used at the end of this year for both Math and Language Arts.


Students will take a series of Minor and Major Assessments throughout the year. Students will earn between 1 and 5 points for each assessment based on the percentage correct on each assessment.


93 – 100 = 5 points

80 – 92 = 4 points

60 – 79 = 3 points

50 – 59 = 2 points

0 – 49 = 1 point


Minor Assessments will occur weekly and serve as formative assessments that measure the mastery of skills and standards.  These assessments will start small, but build in length and complexity in order to create academic stamina for our students.  While these minor assessments will measure new standards they will also spiral previously introduced standards as well.  This will allow teachers to identify students that are sustaining the skills and standards.


Major Assessments will have a multiplier of 3 to give equal weight to both Minor and Major Assessments. Students must end the year with a 4.5 average or higher on all assessments to qualify for Honors.


All students will take common Minor and Major Assessments throughout the year.  However, current Honor students may have additional questions added to the assessments. These questions will not be considered when determining a student’s final average for the purposes of Honors qualification.


Students may be allowed or required to retake assessments for mastery.  In this case, only the original assessment will be considered when determining a student’s final average for purposes of Honors qualification.


Teachers post grades each Friday and you will be able to access your child’s performance using Parent Portal.



Sean Kavanaugh; Principal



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