Campus Rules

This list is not all-inclusive. Please see the Dress Code, Student Handbook, or speak with an administrator, for more information.

Attending Sporting Events
If your student wants to watch any sporting event after school, he or she must be accompanied by an adult. Parents, we appreciate your support with this, as it helps with potential behavior problems.

We recommend that electronic devices such as iPods and games be left at home.  If they are lost or stolen, the school cannot be responsible.  Many students carry cell phones, which is fine as long as they are only used before and after school. All phones, iPods, etc., need to be out of sight at all times during the school day. This also goes for headphones and earphones. Keep them put away so they are not taken away.

All Electronics including cell phones, iPods, headphones, games can ONLY be used during LUNCH and RECESS.

After-School Activities
Students who stay after school must be with an adult in a supervised activity.  Those students found loitering on campus after hours will be issued a discipline referral.

Effective 3/9/09, skateboards will no longer be allowed on campus. If students ride their boards to school, they must dismount on school property and leave the skateboards in their lockers the entire day.

District policy about skateboards on school buses: skateboards must be completely covered by a duffle bag or the student will be refused a ride on the bus.

Hallway Behavior Expectations


  • To have orderly hallways.
  • To get to destination point(s) quickly and orderly.


  • Increase safety and security.
  • Decrease “hanging out” in the hallways.
  • Increase time on task by decreasing tardies.
  • Increase cleanliness.

Expected behaviors for the hallways:

  1. Walk to destination and get there within the four-minute passing period.
  2. Use appropriate language and converse with others with an “inside voice”.
  3. Keep hands, feet, and objects to oneself.
  4. Spend minimal time at locker.
  5. Keep hallways clean – graffiti, papers, food, etc.


Positive: Negative: Almost,
But Not Quite:
Walking while looking forward and getting to desination within four minutes.Talking with an “inside voice”, using appropriate language.Keeping hands, feet, objects and body to oneself.Going to locker and getting materials quickly. Running, skipping, zigzagging, looking backward, etc. to get to destination.Hanging out in the halls and being tardy to class.Being loud, screaming, using vulgar language.Touching, hitting, fighting and kicking others.Going to locker needlessly and taking too much time there. Stopping, walking fast or slowly.Shuffling along.Talking a little too loud.Hands, feet and body outside of personal space.Taking too much time at locker.


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