Hill is so fortunate to offer a comprehensive arts program to our middle schoolers…
“Growing up, I was fortunate to go to public schools that offered arts at every level. Today, that’s rare and I’m amazed and grateful for the breadth and depth of arts offerings at Hill—including virtually every form of instrumental music, vocal music, theatre and film arts, and a full range of visual arts. My parents (who were educators) believed that training in science and technology, literature and art, foreign language and athletics all supported each other, making us better engineers for our work in music, and better athletes for the books we read. That’s exactly what Hill makes possible!”
—A Proud Hill Parent
The Hill Arts Department Needs Volunteers!
Do you love all of the arts opportunities Hill makes available to our students? Sign up now at to help run one of 11 shows this year Can’t help in the evening but want to support Hill Arts or have other questions? There are lots of opportunities! Please contact Leslie Baer @ 303.887.0440 or
Take-A-Seat Auditorium Fundraiser
Looking for a fun way to commemorate your student’s time in Hill Arts? Buy a Hill Auditorium Seat Plaque a “leave a lasting mark” on the school! And, let’s face it: student Arts engagement means family Arts engagement, so celebrate your entire family’s commitment to the Hill Campus of Arts & Sciences! Find out everything you need to know through the Hill PTSA Fundraiser page: 

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