Beyond Fundraising: Your Window into Hill Arts, Community at The Gala
While the Hill Gala, this Saturday, April 22nd from 6-9 PM at Graland Country Day School, is a fundraiser, it is so much more: a great casual date night, a Hill grown-up social, and a window into the vast range—and the very best—of arts at Hill. The Hill Gala will be a great evening for all Hill parents and prospective parents. Put it on your calendar, whether your kids are currently engaged in Hill Arts or not!
“The Gala is a great event for Hill parents and the larger community to see what students can accomplish in their three years in Hill’s Arts Programs,” said Band and Choir Director Lindsay Jiminez. “About 30 of my most dedicated instrumentalists and vocalists will perform everything from classical to pop to show tunes. We are so excited to have this opportunity to interact with the Hill community in a casual setting.”
“I think most Hill parents understand that their students can learn about instruments and how to play them at Hill,” observed Orchestra Director and Rock Band Instructor Randy Runyan. “But they may not understand that we dive into music theory—its structure and construction. We have a quartet playing Handel and a Cello and Piano Trio playing Katy Perry. Our students orchestrate their own numbers. The Gala showcases real musicianship in a very accessible setting.”
Of course, the Hill community is fortunate that its students have access to the full spectrum of arts—a rarity in today’s public middle schools. “We are thrilled to bring a Hill Student Arts Show to the Gala this year,” noted Visual Arts Teacher Aaryn Novy. “Our students study art theory, functional art, and different media and schools of art through out the year. They also learn how art has different applications, like therapy and teaching techniques for disabled students. The Gala Art Show puts all of that on display and gives attendees the opportunity to take a piece of this hard work home.”
“Our arts students work hard throughout the year,” stated Theatre Director Meghan Gates.” Many families may not realize just how many performances—at Hill and around the city—that our students bring to fruition. Many of these take place during the school day, so it can be difficult to realize the full effort and commitment of these students. Whether it is bringing our musical to neighborhood elementary schools, or performing downtown at the DCPA, Hill students bring tremendous talent and dedication. For example, attendees can sip wine and preview scenes from Othello and A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Gala a week before the students present these scenes ad the DPS Shakespeare Festival. Where else can you do that for $15?”
Hill PTSA Vice President Anna Rosenblum Palmer is enthusiastic about what a great evening the Gala will be for Hill parents. “Of course we want to raise funds. But, this evening really has something for everyone. Grab a plate of food and a drink and then drift from the live performances, to the Art Show, to the fundraising stations as the mood strikes. We’ll have seats on the patio where folks can enjoy dessert and the sunset over the mountains.” Anna also shared that there is a donation opportunity for everyone. “The $20 mystery gift card wall has things like grocery store cards that everyone can use with a minimum value of $25, so its a win-win. The more adventurous can buy from the pricier gift card walls that have everything from massages to theater tickets to sports events. Plus, we have great raffles like condo weeks. And, the paddle raise is a fun way to just make a donation. Whether you just buy tickets or can give $10 or $1,000, the important thing  is to come and enjoy this relaxed evening with the Hill community.”
The Hill Gala: Saturday April 22 from 6-9 PM
Graland Country Day School (enter from 1st Ave between Bellaire & Clermont)
Tickets $15 in advance at or $20 at the door
Can’t attend? You can make a donation or buy raffle tickets online!

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