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Counseling Events & Announcements

How do I find out what counseling events/activities are going on at Hill?
Check out the counseling newsletters.  Copies of the newsletter are sent home with students.  You can also find links to the newsletters on this page by clicking the newsletter button below.



School Counselor FAQs: 

What is the role of a school counselor?
School Counselors are general educators, and all students have access to them through classroom/school-wide guidance.  Parents, students, and staff can also seek out individual student-support from a school counselor.  School Counselors are not therapists and do not provide therapy or psychological diagnoses.  If a school counselor determines a student needs extra individual intervention, the student will be referred to the appropriate professional and/or guardians will be contacted.  When school counselors provide ongoing individual or group services, a consent form will be sent home to the student’s guardian.
What does a school counselor keep confidential?
The School Counselor intends to build an atmosphere of trust with students and protects student confidentiality.  The exception is if a student informs the counselor of harm to self or others; in these situations confidentiality must be breeched.
 What does a school counselor do?
  • Counseling Curriculum – Guidance given in the classrooms and by presentations guiding all students and families in the three domains (social/emotional; academic; college/career.) 
  • Responsive Services – Meeting with students, parents, and staff to meet students’ needs.  This includes conflict resolution, running small groups, and crisis counseling.
  • Individual Planning – The Counseling Programs support students in planning their academic, college and career paths. 
    • Hill students will explore their career and college possibilities.  This is the ICAP (Individual Career and Academic Plan) process.  When students complete their 8th grade year, they will leave with a plan documenting what kind of career they would like to go into, what sort of college or training they will need after high school, and an idea of the classes they will be taking during their four years of high school.  If your child is in the 8th grade, please stay involved with the counseling department’s activities, and have conversations with your child about these important decisions. ICAP will be done with all grade levels – 6ththrough 8th.

How do I meet with my school counselor to talk about academics, college/career or personal/social concerns?

There are three ways:
1.  In emergency cases ask your teacher to call me and I will come get you.
2.  Sign up for an appointment by the auditorium
3.  Email me:  Parents can call me at : 720-423-9685


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