Cassandra Perlmutter

GT/HGT Specialist


I love kids.  I love how smart and empathic they are.  I love being steeped in their energy, enthusiasm and vision.  My life has been rich, as I have known kids.

I have taught in DPS since 1987, following a stint in New York and Paris.  I graduated from Sarah Lawrence College with a liberal arts degree.  My concentration of study was Languages and History.  A decade later, I earned a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Colorado-Denver.  In 1991, I taught a highly gifted bi-lingual, mixed age class at Bradley Elementary.  The pilot program ended, but I have been associated with gifted children since.

My tenure at Hill Campus of Arts and Sciences began in 2004.  In the succeeding decade, students and I have worked to embrace programs from student council to Junior Honor Society and now, speech and debate.  There has been a learning curve, to be sure, but it has all been gratifying.  Each day, I look forward to our next adventure.

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