Safety Procedures

We hope to never have an actual emergency, but in the event that we do, we want you to know that we are prepared. 


Emergency Information

Emergency Information is kept online in Infinite Campus for all DPS students. Please notify the school office if there is any change in address, telephone number, or emergency contact person so that we may be in contact with you at any time if necessary. It is very important for the safety and well being of your child that you keep this information current. When a parent or responsible adult cannot be contacted, the school may call the Denver Police and/or Office of Social Services.

Fire Drills

Fire/Evacuation drills are required by law and are an important practice in the event that an actual emergency should occur. Students learn the evacuation path established for each room they occupy. Rules for student conduct during these safety drills are strictly enforced. All building occupants must move silently and in an orderly fashion to a specified area where they remain until instructed to return to the building. All schools practice at least one fire drill a month and a lock-down and shelter in place each semester. 

In case of an off-site  evacuation, Hill students will walk to Graland Country Day School 55 Clermont St, Denver, CO 80220. Identification will be required to pick up students and the name of the person picking up the student must be listed as an emergency contact in Infinite Campus. Please keep your information up to date.

During a crisis, the safety of our students and staff is our number one priority. We will provide pertinent information as we are able. Please do not call the school during  any crisis. You will be updated about the situation and pick up procedures via voice mail, email or text, depending on how you have chosen to receive information in Infinite Campus.  Please keep your information up to date in Infinite Campus.


Please refer to the DPS Emergency Emergency Management website for more information


Please know that we continually work with DPS Safety and Security to review our school safety and emergency response procedures. Additionally, here are some materials from the Colorado School Safety Resource Center that you may find helpful. 


The Role for Caring Adults after a School or Community Tragedy


Talking to Children about School Safety



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