Parent Perspectives

“We want to share with you how much we love and have loved Hill for our son.  Making the change to DPS/Hill last year after 9 years in private Catholic school was absolutely the BEST thing to do!

He has thrived at Hill (minus the small ups/downs of normal teenage years). He loves his rigorous classes, devoted, endless working teachers, engaging schedule, upbeat attitude of staff, positive inclusive environment,  and he feels safe at Hill!!  We as parents, truly believe, now that he has navigated Hill – an incredibly diverse city school – he can navigate anything in life. We feel it is a gift for him to experience the major racial and financial diversity Hill offers! It is a sample of the real world.  We chose Hill via the choice process because of your radiant attitude as a leader.  YOU were the main factor that played into our decision placing our son at Hill.  We respect you – and believe in you – and truly think that there is NO job that requires more grit than what you do!! Thank you!” – Current Hill Parent

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