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I have logged into the DPS Parent Portal and it is showing me the information for the wrong student OR not all of my students are showing. What do I do?

When you login to the DPS Parent Portal, the system will automatically show you information for your oldest child attending a DPS school. Click on the “My Kids” tab at the upper-left side of the webpage to select another one of your children.

If you have a student that attends a DPS school and that that student isn’t listed under the “My Kids” tab, contact the school of the child and ask the school’s enrollment specialist to verify that they have scheduled the child in the correct household within Infinite Campus. If they determine the child is scheduled correctly, then the school will need to submit a ticket to technical support.

I’m looking at the grades section of the Parent Portal and there isn’t any information. Why is that?

If no grades are displayed in the DPS Parent Portal it is possible that your child’s teacher(s) has yet to post a grade for the current grading period. The “Grades” section of the DPS Parent Portal is meant to display your child’s most recent posted grade for each course.

What type of state and district test results can I see in the Parent/Student Portal?

The tests results that are available in the Parent/Student Portal will be different for each student depending on their grade level and services received. The most common state and district test results that are available on the Parent/Student Portal include TCAP, CELA (for English-language learners only), and various interim tests.

General questions on Grades, Assignments, and/or State & District Tests

Contact your child’s teacher(s) about specific questions relating to grades, assignments, and/or state and district tests (examples of tests displayed: STAR Reading, TCAP, etc.).

General questions on Behavior, Attendance, or On Track to Graduate

Contact your child’s school administrator, guidance counselor or student advisor about specific questions relating to behavior, attendance, or On Track to Graduate.

When is the information updated in the Parent/Student Portal?

Every section of the Parent/Student Portal is updated differently. Most sections should have a date stamp. Grades are updated after each teacher has posted a grade for the current grading period. Assignments are updated as soon as a teacher updates his/her grade boo. State and district tests are updated shortly after a new test is given. Attendance and behavior are updated daily.

Can I see my child’s school calendar if I click the “Calendar Option?”

Not yet. Currently, the DPS Parent/Student Portal only has the district calendar available. Plans to include school-specific calendars are in progress.

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