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Hill Campus of Arts &Sciences (HCAS) School Counseling Program

Mission: The mission of the HCAS School Counseling Program is to prepare all students for any chosen pathway leading to a gainful and meaningful career. Through engaging school counseling curriculum, all students will learn skills in the academic, career, and personal/social domains; to develop post-secondary and high school plans, and become contributing citizens in both local and global communities.

Vision: The vision of the HCAS School Counseling Program is that all students understand their post-secondary options and have the tools and skills needed to succeed after leaving HCAS.

The HCAS School Counseling Program provides students with the information/skills needed to successfully transition from the K-12 environment to post-secondary pathways, as well as supporting student success in the classroom. These post-secondary pathways are not limited to just one option, rather a bevy of opportunities ranging from career and technical education, work experiences, the military, and community college and university programs. We understand that our Skyhawk students are readying themselves to enter a modern world filled with choices. Thus, our commitment is to preparing them to understand what choices are available and help them navigate the early stages of selecting the best option for them as an individual.

What is a School Counselor?

A School Counselor is a public educator for all, uniquely trained in child and adolescent development, learning strategies, self-management and social skills. School Counselors implement a Comprehensive School Counseling Program in order to set the systems and procedures in place to deliver school counseling curriculum, positively impact student development, and set students on a path to success, both now and in the future. Click this link to learn more!


The HCAS School Counseling Program focuses in 3 areas: Career, Academics, and Personal/Social. 80% of the School Counseling services are provided to the whole school through whole school programming. 15% of the School Counseling services are provided to the students who need extra support after receiving whole school programming. 5% of School Counseling services are provided on an individual basis for students who require intensive support to ready themselves for success.

Below are some of the services provided. Keep in mind that some services, falling into any of the 3 School Counseling areas, are responsive and change from year to year based on a community wide needs assessment given twice yearly.

How to Access the School Counselor

To see me, school staff and parents can email a student’s name to me directly at the email below or call and leave me a message. There is also an iPad used to make appointments with the Mental Health Team at HCAS by the auditorium. Parents and students can feel free to sign up for an appointment during free time in the day or before/after school.

Eric R. Witherell- HCAS School Counselor



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