Science UPLIFT’s HCAS!

 A few weeks back the Colorado Uplift coordinated with Anschutz Medical Campus and the WeLLCOMe Program to give Hill middle school students the opportunity to dissect brains and peer into the possibility of a career in health. 

Hill Middle School students got to put on white lab coats and glasses becoming mesmerized by the idea of doing the work for real!
Students were noticeably moved by the opportunity responding with a sense of confidence and the idea that they too can make an impact on the world through health. 
This hands-on exploration of science, health and health careers is the idea of the WeLL-COMe Program at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. WeLL-COMe stands for Wellness, Lifelong Learning and Career Orientation Mentorship, and it’s geared toward motiving middle-school students to pursue opportunities in Health Sciences. When it was all said and done everyone agreed it is not called Hill Campus of Arts and Sciences for nothing!
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