Dress Code

Questions of inappropriate dress will be referred to the Student Advisor or school administration.  Please check the DPS Parent Handbook, the Hill Campus Parent Handbook, and our Student Planner (to be given to your student) for further information.

  • No headgear, outside coats, or backpacks are to be worn in the classroom.  These should be removed upon entering and put in student lockers. Please use a nylon book bag if necessary (we have Hill book bags for sale for only $5…see the treasurer in the school office).
  • Shoes must be worn at all times.
  • Bedroom slippers and/or pajamas are not acceptable clothing.
  • Clothes printed with objectionable words, designs, or gang-related symbols are not acceptable.
  • Muscle shirts, tank tops, cropped tops, see-through shirts, see-through blouses, or other provocative clothing is not acceptable. No halter-tops, spaghetti straps, or any article of clothing that reveals the bra, bra straps, or lower to upper torso may be worn.
  • Any form of gang attire, as determined by school administration, will not be tolerated. This includes colored shoelaces (red and/or blue), bandanas and rags, dark glasses, inappropriate jewelry, logos, hats, one-color outfits, sagging pants, and any clothing that may cause a disruptive effect at Hill Campus.
  • Shorts and skirts must be of sufficient length to extend below the fingertips when arms are down. Straps on overalls and/or shorts are to be worn up, over the shoulders, and fastened. Pants are to be worn with the legs down.
  • Long keychains worn around the neck or waist are not acceptable.

Parents may be contacted to bring appropriate clothing for the first offense. The second offense may result in more serious consequences.

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