Hill Community Expectations

The Importance of Being in Class

Attendance ExpectationsTardy PolicyElopement Policy
Our attendance expectation for all Hill students is to maintain an overall attendancepercentage of 92% or higher. 
– This means a student can only miss 14 days total throughout the school year.  
– All tardies count against this percentage as well.
– Excused absences still count against a student’s overall attendance percentage
Being in class on time to each class is important for a strong start and leads to maximized learning. In order to support being on time: 
– We have added bells for each transition, there is a 1 minute warning to help 
– After 3 tardies, students engage in a Lunch Reflection to discuss skills needed to be on time to class each day
– If students continue to struggle with getting to class, (after 2 Lunch Reflections), family partnerships will be leveraged to formulate a plan for student success. 
Students are expected to be in assigned classes at all time to prioritize safety and learning. Elopement – being out of class for more than 10 minutes without permission will lead to the following interventions: 
– 1st Time: Automatic Lunch Reflection, Parent Contact
– 2nd Time: Automatic Lunch Reflection, Parent Contact, Put a Plan in Place
– 3rd Time: Student stays home until a parent conference occurs. More intensive intervention plan put into place.

Set Up to Learn

Assessments @ Hill Cell Phone /
Personal Tech Policy 
Strong Start
Hill uses and relies on assessments to monitor student growth and progress. Assessment data allows teachers to be data informed and are an important part of our teaching process. Students are expected to engage in assessments at Hill. 

Assessments at Hill:
– Interim Testing per quarter (except Q3 for CMAS)
– NAEP (selected 8th graders only)
– Access testing
– STAR/Iready 
Hill is a personal tech free campus. Personal tech should be turned off and stored out of sight in backpacks. We prioritize learning and meaningful social interactions in shared spaces during the day.  If a family needs to speak with their student, they may call the front office.  If a personal tech is seen during the day: Item will be collected and may be picked up at end of day in 107On second occurrence, family or guardian will need to pick up.If continued support is needed, leadership and families will make a plan of support.We value our instructional minutes at Hill and all teachers plan for bell to bell engagement. All classrooms  follow the same strong start routine. This predictability allows them to have a common routine for engagement. Our strong start norms are: 
Arrive on timeEnter classroom calmlyBe in assigned seatGet learning space readyBegin do now

Building Safety & Joy

3 E AwardsMonthly Pep RalliesRestorative Process
Students demonstrating our core values of Excellence, Engagement, and Equity are nominated each week by teachers and staff members.

– Every Friday, students who are nominated will receive peer recognition in their Period 1 class and a certificate to bring home.

– Students who are nominated are automatically entered into an end of the year raffle for a new pair of sneakers.

Each month, we bring our students together to build shared traditions & joy: 

– Three E’s Students are recognized in front of their peers

– Every pep rally will have a fun and friendly Legacy Squad Challenge: Navy vs. Marigold

-Student performances from the Cheer Squad, band students, etc. build school spirit
At Hill, we have high expectations for our students along with high support. We build strong foundations in classrooms and throughout the community by leaning on the following 2 key components of Restorative:
– Relationships 
– Respect
When harm is done to the community or learning environment, students engage in restorative work to allow for the following: 
– Responsibility: naming the action and how it impacted others; engaging in logical consequences
– Repair: A plan to repair the harm
-Reintegration: Re-entering the classroom or school community with a plan in place. 

2023 – 2024 Hill Expectations