Hill’s Black Excellence Plan 2023-2024


Instruction is the most vital system at Hill to promote excellence and equity for our black students at both Hill and beyond. Hill is committed to ensuring equitable instruction for EACH student in ALL contents. Our black students deserve daily access to grade-level rigor and tasks that grow academic proficiency and build confidence to tackle increasingly complex academic challenges. We will do this by focusing on 3 key components within our instructional system: 

EQUITABLE Systems that Foster A Sense of Belonging: 

In order for our black students to fully engage in their learning, our black students must feel emotionally safe, intellectually safe and physically safe. In addition, our black students must feel seen, valued, and celebrated for their authentic selves. In order to create this safety and sense of belonging, Hill will prioritize the following: 


It is important to build authentic partnerships with our black families through a sense of belonging for all of our black community. The black community at Hill must feel welcomed, heard and included in their child’s education. We will do this by: