Faculty & Staff

Name Title Department Email
David Adams Principal Administration David_Adams@dpsk12.org
Aaron Amadio Director of Instructional Excellence Social Studies, Administration Aaron_Amadio@dpsk12.org
Morgan Appleman Teacher Special Education morgan_appleman@dpsk12.org
Sequoia Austin Assistant Principal of Student Supports Administration Sequoia_Austin@dpsk12.org
Jianna Balascio Teacher Language Arts Jianna_Balascio@dpsk12.org
Alvin Barnett Teacher Physical Education Alvin_Barnett@dpsk12.org
Emily Booth Teacher Special Education
Elizabeth Brennan-O’Connell Teacher Physical Education Elizabeth_Brennan-OConnell@dpsk12.org
Lilly Brown Director of Family and Student Engagement Front Office LILLIAN_BROWN@dpsk12.org
Cayla Carruthers Teacher Language Arts
Gloria Casanave Psychologist Student Support Gloria_Casanave@dpsk12.org
Gloria Casanave-Perez Psychologist School Support GLORIA_CASANAVEPEREZ@dpsk12.org
Keisha Cervera Teacher STEM
Rebecca Chamberlain Teacher Math
Linda Chase Teacher Social Studies LINDA_CHASE@dpsk12.org
Kristen Cozzarin Teacher Science
Beth Crance Social Worker Student Support elizabeth_crance@dpsk12.org
Annie DePoy Therapist Student Support Annie_DePoy@dpsk12.org
Annie Elam Teacher Math Anne_Elam@dpsk12.org
John Garrison Teacher Math John_Garrison@dpsk12.org
Meghan Gates Teacher Visual & Performing Arts Meghan_Gates@dpsk12.org
Pablo Gomez-Lillo Teacher Foreign Language PABLO_GOMEZLILLO@dpsk12.org
Aspen Gray Teacher Math Aspen_Gray@dpsk12.org
Matt Groves Teacher Math Matt_Groves@dpsk12.org
David Hamdan Teacher Special Education David_Hamdan@dpsk12.org
Jeremy Hansen Teacher Language Arts JEREMY_HANSEN@dpsk12.org
Calvin Henley Teacher Social Studies Calvin_Henley@dpsk12.org
Patrick Hernandez Student Support
Blanca Hernandez Facilities Manager School Support Blanca_Hernandez@dpsk12.org
Merri Hoffman Nurse Student Support Merri_Hoffman@dpsk12.org
Shannon Humphrey Social Worker Student Support SHANNON_HUMPHREY@dpsk12.org
Lulu Kay Teacher Special Education Lulu_Kay@dpsk12.org
Ilyanna Kreske Teacher Science Ilyanna_Kreske@dpsk12.org
Fred Lewis Director of Student Culture Administration FREDERICK_LEWIS@dpsk12.org
Elijah Lynch Teacher Visual & Performing Arts Eli_Lynch@dpsk12.org
Ronette Martinez Kitchen Manager School Support Ronette_Martinez@dpsk12.org
Kerry Memphis Teacher Language Arts Kerry_Memphis@dpsk12.org
Kelly Morledge Teacher Social Studies KELLY_MORLEDGE@dpsk12.org
Liz Muth Director of School Operations Administration liz_muth@dpsk12.org
Amelia Nahmias Teacher Science Amelia_Nahmias@dpsk12.org
Aaryn Novy Teacher Visual & Performing Arts Aaryn_Novy@dpsk12.org
Andrew Oakes Teacher Social Studies andrew_oakes@dpsk12.net
Rafael Ramirez Teacher Language Arts RAFAEL_RAMIREZJIMENEZ@dpsk12.org
Kate Redmond Assistant Principal of Academics Administration Katie_Redmond@dpsk12.org
Doug Rundle teacher Language Arts douglas_rundle@dpsk12.net
Randy Runyan Teacher Visual & Performing Arts Randal_Runyan@dpsk12.org
Kelo Ryals Teacher Math Wakelo_Ryals@dpsk12.org
Jazmin Sandoval Office Support Front Office JAZMIN_SANDOVAL@dpsk12.org
Thomas Schwartz Teacher Science THOMAS_SCHWARTZ@dpsk12.org
Simeon Smilack Teacher Math simeon_smilack@dpsk12.org
Suzanne Stafford Special Education Team Lead (Site Assessment Lead) Special Education SUZANNE_Stafford@dpsk12.org
Silvia Stantcheva Teacher Special Education SILVIA_STANTCHEVA@dpsk12.org
Sara Tomasikiewicz Teacher Math Sara_Tomasikiewicz@dpsk12.org
Darian Turner Director of Culture Administration DARIAN_TURNER@dpsk12.org
Theo Van Horn Teacher Social Studies THEODORE_VANHORN@dpsk12.org
Leah Wagner Teacher Language Arts LEAH_WAGNER@dpsk12.org
Joe Waldon Therapeutic Services Provider School Support Joe_waldon@dpsk12.org
Justin Walker Teacher STEM JUSTIN_WALKER@dpsk12.org
Carolyn Warpinski Teacher Visual & Performing Arts CAROLYN_WARPINSKI@dpsk12.org
Zacahary Wilsey Teacher Science ZACHARY_WILSEY@dpsk12.org
James Wright Teacher Language Arts JAMES_WRIGHT@dpsk12.org