Community Service & ICAP

Community Service

Community Service is an opportunity for students to engage with the community in a meaningful way. From the experience, students will gain knowledge that will enrich their school and community experiences. Our communities benefit from altruistic young adults who give their individual assets with the purpose of creating a positive change. For students, these experiences develop their understanding of how their actions impact the environment around them. 

All 8th grade students will complete 6 hours total for the school year. Community service can be done on or off school grounds, after school hours. Students performing community services on school grounds must get the approval from a parent and staff member. Students will need to be signed off by the teacher, staff member or the adult they are working with to complete their service.

Community Service Form 

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Servicio Comunitario

El servicio comunitario es una oportunidad para que los estudiantes se involucren con la comunidad de una manera significativa. A partir de la experiencia, los estudiantes obtendrán conocimientos que enriquecerán sus experiencias escolares y comunitarias. Nuestras comunidades se benefician de jóvenes adultos altruistas que entregan sus activos individuales con el propósito de generar un cambio positivo. Para los estudiantes estas experiencias desarrollan su comprensión de cómo sus acciones impactan el medio ambiente que los rodea.

Todos los estudiantes de 8vo grado completaran 2 horas de servicios comunitarios por trimestre (para los trimestres 2-4), 6 horas en total. El servicio comunitario se puede realizar dentro o fuera de la escuela, después del horario escolar. Los estudiantes que realicen servicios comunitarios en los terrenos de la escuela deben obtener la aprobación de un padre y un miembro del personal. Los estudiantes deberán ser firmados por el maestro, el miembro del personal o el adulto con el que están trabajando para completar su servicio. 

Formulario de Servicio Comunitario 

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ICAP stands for Individualized Career and Academic Plan. ICAP is a crucial part of student success because it gets students thinking about their future careers and academic goals. ICAP is required for continuation from 8th grade and graduation from high school. In order to prepare our students for high school success and beyond it is the expectation that all ICAP surveys and assignments are completed for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade years. 

There are surveys and assignments before the end of each quarter that students will be able to complete in class with the assistance of their teachers. Missing assignments can be done from home at any time and questions about progress can be directed toward Director of Student Culture, Darian Turner. ( 

How can I access ICAP?

Students have access through their student portal at any time. There are 4 ICAP surveys that students need to complete for each quarter. Students have the opportunity to complete the survey assignments for each quarter at any time, so if you want to get ahead you have the freedom to do so. Here is a quick step by step to access ICAP surveys:

  1. Log into My Portal
  1. Click on “My ICAP Plan”
  1. Click on “Current Plan”. If you click on “Historical Plans” you can see your 6th and 7th grade survey questions that are also needed for continuation.
  1. Complete Quarter 1, 2, 3, and 4 ICAP Surveys. Then click “Save Responses” at the bottom.