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Each Denver public school has a Collaborative School Committee (CSC) with representation from parents, community, faculty, administrators, and classified staff. The purpose and scope of the CSC is to enhance student achievement and school climate by engaging the school community in collaborative efforts supporting the school and District’s goals. The CSC provides strategic direction in support of the school’s mission and vision as stated in the Unified Improvement Plan (UIP). Additional information about the purpose and scope of the CSC is available on the DPS website Hill¹s CSC meets monthly and meetings are open to the public. There is always opportunity within the agenda for community comment. Meeting dates, agendas, and minutes will be posted on the Hill website.

CSC Minutes 2019-2020

Hill September CSC Meeting

Monday 9/30/19

Agenda- Using topics in principal evaluation. For this meeting we will start from the top and get as far as we can with Agenda Items 1 and 2 being mandatory items.

Discuss Current makeup of committee/ function for this fall.

Committee Members: (bold indicates present) Joshua Trinidad, Anna Palmer, Mamie Howard, Aaryn Novy, Suzanne Stafford, Beth Yohe , Karen Bryant, Denise Archuletta, Rich, Jean Bitzer

Guests: Sable Edwards, Parker Fulton, Jodi Hullinger

PTSA-will provide food for the CSC meetings


    1. Provides CSC with school budget in a timely manner (to discuss, set priorities and approval)
      • Enrollment for 2019-2020
  • Suzanne Stafford-  1st term/2nd year
  • Denise Archuletta-  one year term 19-20
  • Aaryn Novy-2nd term/1st year
  • Anna Palmer- 3rd term-1st & only year
  • Beth Yohe-1st term/2nd year
  • Karen Bryant-1st term/2nd year

Teachers added for 2019-2020 CSC: Jakelo Ryals, Ilyanna Kreske, Parker Fulton

Name submission for CSC, will continue to solicit for additional members before vote:

Kate Baldwin

Abby Olsen

Kevin Wilson

Jodi Hullinger

One idea for next year-advertise for CSC at 6th grade shadow day

      • Fall Budget review
        1. After meeting w/Kevin King & Rachel last week, Anna felt the budget was ready for approval
        2. Discussing leadership team at 2019 spring final meeting, no minute:
          1. Leadership team members discussed for budget?:
            1. 1-Principal/ 2-AP’s/3-Deans could be hired per Anna’s memory but one fewer body would be better for the school about $90K worth of funds
            2. We started Fall 2019 w/1-Principal/1-AP/3 Deans
          2. Net down $44K going in to budget due to enrollment decrease and $16k deficit from LY.  Looking for where the $90K of funds is in current budget.
          3. Why are we at zero instead of $46K ahead? Kevin will discuss with his assistant
  • Questions to Kevin re: budget:
  • #1-Hill is down $44K, due to under enrollment and the $16K deficit
  • Kevin will review w/Amy to determine, all funds are within the $5.8M but which bucket is it in?
  • Can we reconstruct how we went from the black to the red?  CSC is concerned with following the funds (where posted) because there was a strategic plan moving forward with the  overall size and growth of classes at Hill and to have the flexibility to move the funds where the needs are i.e.-mental health, special ed are two ideas.
  • The deficit of $16K-allows for items to be ordered earlier than YE, July 1st is the fiscal year for DPS.  This is an ok number with the district. Kevin is going to let CSC know where the $16K went w/Amy.
      1. Josh’s concern over the budget:
        1. No access to the full budget as far as what has been spent as of today
        2. Efforts will be made to discuss budget w/Josh & Mamie to understand what monies have been spent thus far
      2. School enrollment
        1. CSC has recommended no additional out-of-boundary  students are taken within the school year 2019-2020
    • Action Item: Approve budget, confirmed by Kevin King the budget has been approved by DPS. Budget approved.
  1. Works with CSC regarding staff allocation decisions
    • Admin/ Leadership team 
      • Site assessment leader- (SAL) Gayla (need delta on the $$$)
    • Core Teachers
    • Elective Teachers
    • Other staff/City Year
  2. Works with CSC to improve positive learning school climate for students, parents & teachers
    • UIP review-will be discussed on October 14th 
    • Additional initiatives

Kevin King’s discussion on Sean Kavanaugh’s LOA:

No additional information regarding Sean’s LOA/Sean’s LOA is unknown timeframe

Expectation from the district is to respect his privacy

Always talking with potential interim principals

  • Interims-are experienced, retired personnel, this process is not a collaborative w/parents, staff

Timeline for LOA-unsure:

  • if the district knew number of days Sean would be gone,  the determination of hiring an interim principal would happen more quickly
  • Discussed the hours Josh/Mamie/Sable are working to keep the school focused
  • Is there “temp” help that could be hired to help staff -Kevin suggested we are getting to the point of hiring someone

Concerns from leadership:

  • Mamie/Josh do not have access to the operating budget and CSC is not able to approve any spending.  The request needs to be made to Kevin/Rachel to have access to the operating budget-real time numbers. Kevin is the signator for the school and the budget.
  • Amy H is a financial/budget partner for HIll Campus and reviews all expenditures.
  • All financial requests for teachers/staff should be sent to Rachel/Amy directly. Kevin will take our feedback back to HQ and discuss how we can have more opportunities to review the operating budget going forward.
  • Hill Campus is understaffed is what leadership has heard but the school is in a better position than LY since there are 3 deans this year.


Mental health perspective re: Sean’s LOA:

  •  the school is in pain-teachers/staff/community/parents/students.  How will DPS help the community through this situation/healing and understanding?
  • Suggestions to DPS in regards to LOA:  the longer the situation goes on the worse this is, parent/staff meetings and communications with all.  Parents are concerned with both Sean coming back and staying away. A series of events to calm nerves and check on families would be very helpful.
  • Ask the leadership team what they want as support during Sean’s LOA.  Moving forward as the budget is written needs to be determined since Sean was part of how the leadership team was set up.


Agenda items not discussed:

  1. Reviews School disciplinary policy and actions
    • Updated data from spotlight on suspensions and referrals to law enforcement
  2. Shares responsibility and involves the CSC in all important school decisions within CSC scope of work
  1.  Provides information regarding school level programs to the CSC
  1. PTSA update
  • Initiatives
  • Encourage teachers to use grant and Extra Curricular funds.


  1. Next meeting agenda items:

Change meeting to October 14th, Room 135, 5pm



Hill October CSC Meeting
Monday 11/4/19: 5:00-6:00
Hill November CSC Meeting
Monday 11/4/19
Intros: Assign time-keeper and note-taker 5 minutes
Committee Members
(bold indicates present) Staff: Joshua Trinidad, Aaryn Novy, Suzanne Stafford, Ilyanna Kreske, Wakelo Ryals, Tonda PottsIlyanna Kreske, Sable Edwards, Mamie Howard
Parents: Beth Yohe, Karen Bryant, Denise ArchuletaAnna Palmer, PTSA: Jennifer I / Jean Bitzer (PTSA Rep shared position), Community:
  1. Enrollment (5 minutes), Electives, Staffing changes
    • Five teachers with more than 175 student-load
    • Gates
    • Novy
    • Bennett
    • Gomez-Lilio
    • Walker
Searching for solutions
  • 0.5 FTE teacher (cost: $24,744)
    • Prefer STEM, may not be able
    • Staff, electives recommended these choices
    • Staff has elected 3 members to a Personnel Committee
      • CSC can recommend parents to be part of the cmte
  • Start Dec 1
  • “Youth on Record” – 3 daily classes of 16 during heaviest classes
    • Contract
    • Usual cost is $15K /class, willing to do 3 classes for $20K
      • Curriculum includes music recording, spoken word poetry, trauma-informed social-emotional support
      • Contract includes access to facility (La Loma district)
    • Need all help at the same time of day
    • Cost of a FTE is $49,488
  • Money is being reallocated
    • Supplies & materials
    • Professional development funds
    • Allow school store inventory to go down
    • Talk to the PTSA, may be able to fund
      • This would be a one-time grant rather than an unsustainable ongoing ask
Motion to approve budget change
Seconded and approved
Health Technician: new opening, W, Th, Fri
  • Operates under the license of the nurse
  • Paid position: Tier II paraprofessional ($18.5K)
  • School hours
  • No substitutes available
  • Approximately 40 students per day
Gifted & Talented Services
  • Hill is out of compliance
  • Behind on ALP processing
  • .3 G/T funds have been rolled into other salaries
  • Have in-house staff who are trained, may be able
  • District has done work around identifying new students in the 6th grade
    • Not working on current student ALPs
Action Item: Principal/AP will send current enrollment by grade-level to the CSC
Budget (15 minutes)
  1. Review
    • To prepare for January, need to compare the submitted budget and current situation
    • Host more than one CSC meeting to focus on budget
  1. Monday Jan 13 – 1-1.5 hr mtg, ask Amy (budget person) to come
Action item: Josh Trinidad will ask Amy to attend Jan 13 mtg
  1. Look Forward
    • Reasonable to expect our enrollment to dip based on scuttlebutt and SPF
    • Shadowing – several different days
  2. Budget Training Workshop
  1. Principal Search (5 minutes)
    • Next meeting 11/13 6:00p.m. – has call in number
    • Application to be on search committee was supposed to be sent three days ago
  1. Communication (10 minutes)
    • Ongoing parent concerns about lack of communication
    • In the absence of communication, parents fill in the blanks with negative stories
    • Example: Connections – Deans
      1. Get ahead of the communications
      2. Include a rationale
      3. Doesn’t have to be perfect
      4. Maybe re-animate the “Hill App” for notifications, emails, incidents
    • Discipline – Leadership
    • Classroom
  1. Next meeting 12/2/19 5:00
    • Agenda Items

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