Preparing for High School

Dear 8thGrade Hill Families,

As part of our goal in building a strong 8th grader ready for high school, we have outlined criteria for success that will support our students’ post- secondary adventure. Our students will complete this school year successfully in both academics and behavior, while making memories that will last a lifetime. In order to participate in the end of the year 8th Grade Continuation Ceremony, students must meet or exceed the expectations outlined below: 

All 8th grade students will complete 2 hours of community services per quarter, 8 hours total. Community service can be done on or off school grounds, after school hours. Students performing community services on school grounds must get the approval from a parent and staff member.  Students will need to be signed off by the teacher, staff member or the adult they are working with to complete their service.

Satisfactory Academic Requirements are as follows:  

If a student is demonstrating minimal proficiency 69% or lower, a parent conference will be arranged with the Student Engagement Specialist and the Assistant Principal of Student Support to determine the student’s continued eligibility for participation. 

Satisfactory Behavioral Requirements are as follows: 

·   Students may not have any behavioral incidents

If a student has any behavioral incidents, the student can have it redeemed by completing approved community restoration.  One hour of community restoration will serve as the equivalent of one in-school suspension (ISS) or out-of-school suspension (OSS). Students can retrieve a Community Restoration time sheet from the Student Engagement Specialist, Ms. Desiree Romero or in the 8th grade tab on the school website.

If a student has two disciplinary referrals beginning Semester 1, this will result in the student under a behavioral contact.  

First incident referral given to a student will require the parent(s), student and administration conference. This conference will serve as a reminder to students and family about expectations for behavior in school and how continued problems will terminate students from participating in all 8th grade activities as well as the 8th Grade Continuation Ceremony.

At Hill, we believe that our students can meet these expectations and we will support each student throughout this semester to ensure that they achieve success.  If you have any questions regarding these requirements, please feel free to reach out to Ms. Desiree Romero, Student Engagement Specialist at

It is imperative that we know you and your student have read and understand the outlined criteria for the continuation requirements. Please go to the academic link on the school website where you and your student will sign electronically.

 Desiree Romero, Student Engagement Specialist          

Waajid Norman, Assistant Principal of Student Support

                                                              Electronic Signature